In Lifetimes to Come, a short collection of twelve poems, was written during various challenging moments of the author’s life. Each poem draws the reader into the inner turmoil and obstacles faced by people in their day to day lives. The reader will be taken on a roller coaster ride across heightened emotions, that are brought to light through experiences of pain, depression, suffocation, separation fear, hope and death. Written from the heart and soul, In Lifetimes to Come is created to allow us to reflect on the more difficult moments of our lives and embrace them with open arms.


“An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstance. This invisible red thread will never break and you will either find your way back to me somehow, or me to you.”

This is the promise that Jack makes to Esha at the end of their precious week together in London.

Esha has to return to India for her wedding to Dev, which has been arranged by her wealthy parents. Aware of her cultural commitments and knowing in her heart that they cannot have a future together, their separation is marked with a single promise.

The turbulent years that follow are recorded in Esha’s journal, in the form of letters to Jack, which eventually find their way into his hands and which rock his world to the core. The rigid traditions and formalities of the social world of Amritsar, in which Esha is trapped, and to which Jack has no access, may well stretch their scarlet thread to breaking point.

Can a single promise made seven years ago bring together two star crossed lovers in this gripping tale, spanning two cities?


‘Remember Mina, the burning ashes in your life don’t define you. If you find the right person, he will pull you up from the ashes and replant you in a better place, where you can bloom and share the beauty of your love and fragrance with the world. We must all rise from the ashes and live to see another day.’ Her mother told her many a time.

Mina Roy had nothing in the growing years of her life in the Mumbai slums. Nothing material that is. Yet she had a heart of gold and a family that she loved like no other. She had dreams, aspirations to become the most famous artist in Mumbai, to support her family and to overcome the odds that were cast against her. She knew she could do it.

Until evil knocked at her door one perilous night, dragging her into the dark underbellies of a world that redefined hell.

As life takes a u turn, Mina loses much more than just her family and home as she risks losing her faith and identity.

Trapped between the emotions of love and fear and caught between two men fighting for her heart and soul, Mina finds her life spiralling out of control. As the dark ashes of her burning life fall around her, can she find a way to bring happiness and true love back into her life? Or will she be doomed as a prisoner of her circumstances forever?